Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. 28

Can GS 3-1 really be 3. When I do the math that seems right, but time flew. We missed talking to the little guy today, and the present I bought in December is still in the sewing room. DD #4 has a present in our living room. Guess I will have to do some snail mail on Monday.
A positive for this past week! I was on the eliptical 4 days. I lasted 5 minutes each day. I am starting out better than the first time I worked out...I pushed to get 1 minute a day the first week. This time I am mostly getting off because I am impatient and don't want to be in one spot that long. I need to find a way to mount a book on there!
DH and I went to Stake Conference. The theme was service. Some talked about the service to women in Federal prison in the area. It was very thought provoking. The stake Patriarch spoke and had a great sense of humor. I made crackly artisan bread and the last loaf of the wheat today. Also made a blueberry cobbler with some homemade cakemix that I made a couple of weeks ago. I think I am gonna have heartburn tonight!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grand moments!

I've wondered why titles are at the top. Why would you title before you know you will write?
Well, my brother reports that the surveyors came early this morning before 7:45 AM to finish their preliminary look at the ET land. He seemed excited and that is a happy thing!
I talked to my DH's sister in law #3. She has surgery again on March 19th which will be followed by skin graphs and later radiation. Good news is that she expects to keep her lovely hair and they don't have to go to MD Anderson in Houston.
Dad and I took our walk around the block with dog and found a van full of our grands and their parents just as they had packed them all in after school open house night. Of course out they rolled dancing with delight around the dog...throwing in a hug or two for Papa and Grammar. It was a wonderful moment and I appreciate dear sil #1 giving us that moment when he and dd#1 hadn't stopped long enough to have dinner. Grand-d 1-1 is on the jump rope team...a big deal in her school and Grand -d 1-2 is in music after school...a big deal too. I remember those days! Little one wanted to sing through the whole was a hungry tune. Good day!
Oh I forgot one thing...yesterday a colleague of mine (DD#4's 3rd grade teacher) told me she saw this delightful boy in the hall and commented about it to the teacher. Guess was GS 1-3. No wonderful he was delightful!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Work was different today. We met at a director's house and discussed staff development for the next year. A couple of good things resulted (beside seeing a cool house on a hill with a great view and having a nice lunch!). We were able to get some planning done for next year that we normally don't find time to start until later. We also discussed ways to help teachers get staff development hours without staying late when they have completed hours in the summer. I would have loved that when I was in the classroom!
We had a Social Committee meeting tonight at church. We have a talent show, ward campout, pioneer day activity, family scripture reading celebration, and naturally Trunk or Treat and the Ward Christmas party. Should keep me busy for the year unless I get fired! HA! Anyone having good ideas for those activities, let me know!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2nd post on 1st day!

Okay...Start to finish. I think I made a pizza and set up my blog all in about 20 minutes. Life is sweet.

Good things today

My DH took off today to deliver checks east of us to initiate the business end of the land division with my siblings. I guess angel wings carried him safely through Big D traffic after his night shift. All items were delivered and I have already had calls from the surveyor to let us know they will visit tomorrow! It is moving really fast. Our footwork to let him know where everything was through geo points has been worthwhile.
I also made a pizza with the 5 minute a day whole wheat dough recipe. I threw canadian bacon and fresh spinach on there. Maybe I should have cooked that spinach first. We shall see shortly...7 minutes to go.
I finished my last spreadsheet test with the 4th graders today. Now I go to work grading 19 tasks for each of over 200 kids. It is nice to see their successes. The results will go up this year. I reviewed each class and the teachers were working hard too. nose just called me to the kitchen. Didn't need those 7 minutes. Next time i will precook the spinach...looks a little dry which should add to the crunch. :) I am experimenting while DH sleeps!