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Two blog questions...or three

I have had some local concern about the code as well as those in the comments. So those who you think I should use initials instead?
Q 2 (code for quesiton 2...heh heh!) If I write too much will I have less phone calls from my dear children who forgot that Texas is heaven?
Q3 I have some nice gray Pop socks with his name in puffy paint on the bottom. There are enough pairs for each of my dear children to have one. Any takers. I am not offended if you don't want them.

Since Friday...

Well, I continued to work on the web on Friday. It is coming along nicely and should debut at the first part of April. Now for the rest of the evening...DH and I started to clean and inventory the home on wheels as we expect to use it soon! We noticed the time and decided to take our walk. I called DD 1 and asked for a grand kid to accompany. I was first offered a two year old, but we were planning a 30 minute plus walk, so we were happy to be accompanied by Grand d 1-2. She was a trooper. I was behind DH who was behind the Bandit who was most often behing GD 1-2. We let Bandit loose and we all three enjoyed watching her zip around 90 miles an hour in a field. She came when called and drank heartily from the lid of the folding cup. I reassured GD 1-2 who was using the actual folding cup that it was the first time Bandit had drunk from the lid. I think she believed me because took seconds! She found a walking stick, but we abandoned it for a while. I was chatting briefly with DD 4 when GD 1-2 starting poking the newly aquired stick in a bare bit of ground. EWWWeh. We had pounded in a fire ant bed. Like any smart Texas gal, she was very willing to drop that stick! When we returned her to her parents, they invited us to join them along with SIL-1 sister, husband, and four boys in the backyard for a Texas barbeque. DS -6 and his lovely wife joined us for a while. It was beautiful out and a big yard for 10 younguns and all the grownups to enjoy! Good grub too.
Saturday, we saw Grandpa who shared family history...a very sweet story he found that Grandma left us about their engagement. Grandpa read parts aloud and I think he was smitten with her all over again! We borrowed his home movies (Super 8 kind) so we can see about transferring them to modern video. He has about 65 reels. We visited with DH's brother and DH tried to help with the plumbing...slow draining sinks, but his efforts were in vain. I was able to visit with SIL who will be having surgery in less than two weeks. Keep them in your prayers! We stopped at Manor Care and arranged to pick up a sister in the ward for church on Sunday. After a little shopping, we ate a very late taco dinner. YUMMM.
Today we went to church and took our walk. It was a bit warm, so Bandit drank out of a ziplock when we got back to the car. I must remember to take water and the folding dog bowl. Might be a good idea to bring water for the humans too!